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The benefits of Blogging

Posted on: July 6, 2008

The benefits of Blogging

I’m using this one for a little reflection. I’ve been blogging and promoting my novel on the internet now for less than three months, which makes me a veritable blog infant, but already I have had some amazing experiences which bode well for the future.

Firstly, a wonderful thing about the experience is that total strangers from all over the world have been so encouraging. Thanks, Heidi, for just taking the time to say ‘Good Luck with your book,’ and for Daz:

‘Fantastic blog Allan. Keep up the good work things WILL happen for you.’
Thanks Travis, for your comment on my blog about generating web traffic: Whassup? Very good tips man. Keep on bloggin. Peace. Travis.

And to Supercalafragilistic for your encouragement at the same time as gently pointing out my cardinal sin: Great post. Only one M in Hemingway though. Revision time!
One result of sending out my blogs through such services as Pingoat means that it crops up in all sorts of places. Not quite sure how it got onto ‘Great Railway Journeys’ but no publicity is bad publicity
One of the loveliest examples of my blog popping up somewhere I’d never heard of, and getting a response from someone I’d never met was this: 


Hi. I’ve just read your message on blackboard.The girl who used to live next door to me has written 2 books and also set up her own publishing company – Doghorn publishing. She has now gone travelling and one of her friends who has been involved with the company from the beginning has taken over the business. Their website is . It may be under reconstruction at the mo. If that’s the case and you’re interested in getting in touch with them let me know and i’ll forward you their address. You can tell them it’s Rebecca and James’s old neighbour that’s put you in touch. I’ve actually bought their house to rent out !!Good luck Debbie Harris

Unfortunately this did not lead to publication but I was just blown over by someone taking the trouble to contact me.
‘Dog Horn’ publishers, as it turned out, sent me another rejection slip with which to paper my wall. I though I’d be onto something there because they specialise in the more bizarre type of novel. I told tham that I had one character who had half a beard and another with an invisible dog, but obviously it wasn’t bizarre enough.

One observation was that they didn’t ask, as is always the case, for a large stamped addressed envelope for the return of a manuscript. When it was returned they had paid the £1.80 postage- which was very kind. It did make me wonder however about the standard rejection letter claim that they had a large number of submissions- paying for the return of all of these could prove to be very pricey for a small press.

Through networking I was contacted by Dominic Took, author of ‘The Storms of Acias’ Dominic invited me to speak, with my friend Lynn Grocott, at his ‘Writers’ Forum (Since renamed ‘Meeting of Minds’) at the film theatre at the University of Stoke-on-Trent. We had a wonderful evening, talking about our work and meeting like-minded people. One of them, a publishing consultant, gave me her card, and I sent on my synopsis and sample chapters. Again, nothing yet, but it’s another example of how through the internet I am coming into contact with the right circles.

I have also learned which sites to avoid, i.e. those that ask for money, whether as themselves or under a pseudonym! I never did hear back from the Writer’s Book Agency (See my blog ‘Vanity… Vanity… etc.)
Finally- the response to my YouTube contributions has been far better than I had expected with several people following it through. So far the number of hits has reached… well maybe you could look for yourself, and add a few more. I would love to see more comments too. 


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